Sunday, June 14, 2009

Refrraining From A Civil War Is The Responsibility of Both Sides

In the weekly Shabbat bulletin "Me'at Min Ha'Or" (internet site), published by Tnuat Orot, the editor, Chanan Porat writes, following MK Tzipi Livni's appearance at the launch for Haggai Segal's book, on "what Tzipi Livni hasn't begun to comprehend":

He discusses that there is a limit to the willingness of one side to refrain from engaging in civil war even after the "Saison" and the "Altalena" and the subject of Segels' book, the kidnapping and apparent torture and murder of his uncle by the Hagana. There is a red line which both sides need learn for the historical events of those days in the 1940s. This part of the article is important:

and the highlighted portion translates:

Let the words be said without any attempt to deceive, he who is planning to repeat in a large-scale fashion the precedent of the the Gush Qatif evacuation and to uproot tens of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria, should know that he is liable to ignite the flame of fratricidal war that no one can foretell its conclusion. And even the members of the Yesha Council will shout - and I among them - from today until tomorrow: "just not a civil war", it is doubtful if we will succeed in dousing the burning fire, on the backdrop of the wounds dripping of blood of Gush Qatif.

I am not saying this with a wink of the eye in order to create a "balance of fear" but as a considered reading of the bitter reality, and all those you ignore the situation is either blind or evil, as one who is knowingly pushing for a war among brothers.

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