Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Achievement for Benefit of the Temple Mount

Did you know that the administrative regulations of Israel's 1967 "Preservation of Holy Sites Law", published in 1969 and amended in 1981 (source is in Hebrew), lists the following locations in Jerusalem, in addition to the Western Wall, as holy sites: Cave of Shimon The Righteous; The Little Sanhedrin Cave; the Cave of Ovadiah Bartenura; Zechariah's Cave; Avshalom's Pillar.

That's all.

No Temple Mount.

Now this:

For the first time since 1968, the Jerusalem municipality has compiled an official list of historic buildings and sites worthy of preservation. The list, consisting of 8,000 items and posted on the city's web site, still lacks the statutory backing necessary to prevent further damage to or demolition of these unique structures. According to sources in the municipality, though, publication of the list itself will aid in their preservation.

The list is extremely diverse...the Temple Mount is also on the list

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