Sunday, June 07, 2009

And What's That Over In Jordan?

"I looked over Jordan and what did I see
coming for to carry me home...

On the way to work last week, my friend from Ofra, Avishai, asked me if I knew what those two towers over in Jordan were.

I looked and said, "which two towers?"

He said, "Those two towers. In the middle."

(click on the next picture and stare in the center)

If you can see them and know, please inform me.

And if there are any Jordanian bloggers visiting, can any of you help?


Thanks to the comment from Khaled, we now know that those are the Jordan Gate Towers.

The JGT is a high class commercial and residential project currently under construction in Amman, Jordan. They are located in west Amman, close to the 6th Circle. The towers are the first skyscrapers the city has seen to date and will become the tallest structures in Amman upon completion, thus surpassing the 31-floor Le Royal Hotel. The towers will also host the new Hilton Hotel, the first in Jordan.

The developers are Bahrain's Gulf Finance House, the Kuwait Investment and Finance Company (KIFC), DTZ, and Al Hamad Contracting Co.. To date it is still unknown how tall the towers will be with many estimating approximately 180m.

Since the start of construction the project has faced many problems. The halt in construction work is the third since the project started four years ago. In September 2006, three storeys of the north tower collapsed, killing four workers and injuring 15 others.

A month before that, a fire broke out on the eighth storey of the north tower, but no one was injured.

And in May 2009, a part of the crane collasped, however no injuries of damage to the buildings was reported.

Much appreciated, Khaled.

How it looks at present:

Artistic conception:

Latest News:

01 June 2009 AMMAN - It will take two weeks to remove the partially collapsed crane perched on one of the Jordan Gate buildings, a representative of the project's contractor said on Sunday...About one week is needed before dismantling the 220-metre crane, which broke on May 16, can commence, according to the source, who preferred to remain unnamed. The incident led to road blockage and a partial halt in construction work at the site, which holds the tallest twin towers in Jordan, near the capital's 6th Circle.

The accident also triggered the evacuation of some 40 neighbouring families who, according to a safety committee formed shortly after the incident, were moved to hotels. The residents in the vicinity are now at home; the company says it is monitoring the crane round-the-clock and has noticed no change in its position.

A member of the safety committee said they urged citizens not to pass by the street between the project and the Crowne Plaza Hotel, criticising residents who "do not abide" by instructions.

The halt in construction work is the third since the project was launched in 2005. The Bahrain-based Gulf Finance House is implementing the $300 million project in partnership with the Kuwait Investment and Finance Company and the Kuwaiti Bayan Holding Company. The twin towers, to be connected by a multi-storey platform, broke the 31-floor record set by Le Royal Hotel in the 3rd Circle area; they are 44-storeys high. A five-star hotel, executive offices, conference facilities and an array of retail outlets are to be housed in the project.


Khaled said...

They are the Jordan Gate towers.

YMedad said...

Khaled, who seems to be 13, is here. Shukran!

HolyCityPrayer said...

I don't remember if or where I posted something about these towers, but I noticed them one morning about a half year ago on my way to shul, just before sunrise. They were clearly visible to the naked eye from Maale Adumim.

abu_amal said...

Isn't Maale Adumim and ILLEGAL settlement?

YMedad said...

Illegal? No more than Jordan, founded by a refugee from Saudi Arabia (having been kicked out by the Wahabis), who came to the area to help his brother fight the French but then who scared the British so much, they illegally awarded him Transjordan, the area the Jews were supposed to have for their national home according to the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations, a country Winston Churchill created on a Sunday walk in Jerusalem in March 1921, a country who's name El-Urdun is made up.

YMedad said...

Try reading this:

How Trans-Jordan was severed from the territory of the Jewish National Home, Isaiah Friedman, Journal of Israeli History: Politics, Society, Culture, 1744-0548, Volume 27, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 65 – 85