Friday, August 10, 2007

Icons & Iconoclasts

Meet Noa Dayan (Yaron)

She is 35 years old and mother of six. She's a Braslaver and lectures at "returnee" meetings.

She was originally secular and worked at the most "in" place: Israel's Army Radio station, Galatz.

She has just published, in Hebrew, a semi-autobigraphical bestseller, "M'kimi".

It's people like this that very much upset secularists.

She's obviously very happy. Iconically so.

And we're happy for her.

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Anonymous said...

I'm an Israeli secular jew and I read Noa's book "Mekimi" I enjoyed it and wasn't angered at all. I was expecting to see more insite relating to her decisions. My take on it was that celebrities tend to be too eccentric and look for the extreme in life to fill a void. The main character of the book goes from one extreme to another extreme. Is that a change of approach towards life?