Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Family Comes From Brody

My late mother, Lily, was born as a Nadel.

Her mother was born as a Steckler.

Both families originated from Brody, then in Poland, now in the Ukraine.

I found a fascinating overview of Brody, fairly concise, with a few pictures from last year, here.


Soccer Dad said...

My father's family is from around that area, specifically Horchiv/Gorokhov.
And you might be interested in:

YMedad said...

Yes I'm familiar with it. Been trying for a while to see how I can get there. Thought with my second son we'd fly over but it's not all that simple as I don't drive and it's not quite on the beaten path and quite off it either. Various Hebrew literature tours go through there from Tel Aviv Univ., Bet Hat'futzoth and Beit Agnon.