Monday, April 25, 2005

My Full Sympathy and Empathy

Colm Toibin has my full sympathy and I surely identify with his feelings about Tara, an historical site in Ireland. In a guest column in the New York Times, "A Road Runs Through Tara", published on April 25, 2005, Toibin writes eloquently of the importance of such locations.

As I view the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, I, too, recall the site's "precious heritage", its "special status as a symbol of former strength and glory" and the "grandeur that lies in its commanding position". Not only does the
Temple Mount possess a "lovely old dreaminess" of two temples but it asserts the promise of a renewed future for all mankind.

But the Temple Mount has been assaulted, on the one hand, by the construction of buildings by a rival religion, Islam, that seeks to supplant its past and, on the other, by a government policy that restricts entrance to its precincts by Jews and denies any religious actions therein by them.

I hope Toibin and his band of Irishmen succeed in their campaign as we continue ours.

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