Monday, April 04, 2005

In Concert

Although I haven't be trumpeting my opinion, one of the major
problems the anti-disengagementists have faced is what is
described below, or what was the situation until this notice.

There has been a major lack of strategic thinking, lack of ability
or unwillingness to coordinate and not dominate, lack of open
avenues for receiving creative ideas, lack of proper spokesperson
activities and organization, lack of understanding how best to spend
money, how to shape the campaign, reliance on "professional"
outsiders, weak communication links, separation of the political from
the activist, etc., etc.


Right-Wing Organizations Committed to Unity
Monday, April 4, 2005 / 24 Adar 5765

( Right wing organizations, including the Yesha Council and Cities’ Action Committees met today and reached an understanding, an agreement and commitment to work in concert towards preventing the implementation of the Gaza Disengagement Plan.

Following last week’s Knesset defeat of the Referendum Bill, the last political hurdle in the way of the implementation of the plan was lifted, giving the prime minister all the political and legal backing required to move ahead towards the implementation phase, grassroots activists realize the time has come for ‘in-the-streets’ opposition.

Opponents to the government plan admit the defeat was a significant one, but vow they will continue the battle which will now focus on grassroots efforts to stop the planned destruction of some 25 communities in Gaza and northern Shomron.

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