Thursday, May 20, 2004

A War Crime? Us?

Why isn't this defined by the media as a "war crime" ?
Is it that only what Israel does, legitimately defending itself against terrorists, to be labeled such?


Armed standoff in Halifax

HALIFAX (CP, May 19, 2004) -- Members of the Halifax police emergency response team surrounded a house in the city's downtown early Tuesday after a man barricaded himself inside and shots were fired.

She said the standoff started after midnight when police arrived to enforce a Children's Aid Society aprehension order.

The shots were fired about two hours later. No one was hurt.

Police advised motorists to stay away from the area. Those who live in the neighbourhood were asked to remain in their homes.

Katrina Brown, who lives across the street from the house, said she found a police sniper in her kitchen when she came downstairs in the morning. She later found several bullet holes in the window of a study upstairs.

"I was a little shocked," she said. "Now that I think about it, I'm all the more shocked."

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