Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Abbas - Jew Hater

The anti-Semite is at it again.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday that Jews in Europe were exposed to pogroms not because of their religion, but because of their social role and financial matters.

Speaking during the National Palestinian Council in Ramallah, Abbas attributed the claim to Jewish scholars and said that factually, "such pogroms did not take place in Arab nations, which had Jewish communities."

So, the charge of 'Christ killers' was not a factor? Matthew?

St John Chrysostom made the charge of deicide the cornerstone of his theology

As for pogroms, besides those in the 1940s and much much earlier, let's go back to Muhammed.

Let's not forget the dhimmi status.  Forced conversions and other persecutory actions.

This is a peace partner?



Even the EU is upset:

The speech Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered on 30 April contained unacceptable remarks concerning the origins of the Holocaust and Israel's legitimacy. Such rhetoric will only play into the hands of those who do not want a two-state solution, which President Abbas has repeatedly advocated.


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