Monday, January 29, 2018

What Does King Abdullah Mean By "Key"?

King Abdullah of Jordan told American Vice-President Mike Pence last week that

“For us, Jerusalem is key to Muslims and Christians, as it is to Jews. It is key to peace in the region and key to enabling Muslims to effectively fight some of our root causes of radicalization”

Well, finally putting Jews on equal status with Muslims.  

That should mean a halt to inflammatory language such as "storming" the Temple Mount. 

It should mean fulfillment of the terms of Article 9 of the Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty:

It must mean a reining in of the Waqf guards behavior, guards whose salaries are paid by Jordan.

It could mean even joint archaeological projects.

It could mean permitting Christians the right to read from a Bible, and have Jews enjoy that as well.

King Abdullah, what do you say?


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