Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Sinful Thought

On the eve of the days of penitence, a sinful thought entered my mind. How could I become more famous, even if infamous.

First, utilize, negatively, my Jewishness. And secondly, my Judaism. Third, act against Israel.

And it would have to be a cultural, even a literary act.

I gave the topic some consideration and this is what crystallized:

I will write a script for a movie (movies always do well, see th e ruckus about "Foxtrot" now) based on the Binding Of Isaac (I had thought of Eli and Chana at the Shiloh Tabernacle, but that is too close to home and I'd like to continue living here).

We have the sacrifice of a son but as the trope for the IDF and/or government killing off soldiers unnecessarily, that has been overworked. We have Abraham wandering in from Iraq and claiming the Land of the Canaanites as a metaphor for the ethnic cleansing it is claimed we did to the Jebusites, sorry, the Palestinians. That, too, has been used too often. Sarah's death upon hearing the news of the proposed sacrifice before hearing nothing happened.


Something new...

Ah, Yitzhak and...

the goat!

That's it.

The new relationship. Better than Cain and Abel supposedly arguing (they weren't, as they were...well, you know). Better than Yaakov and his two wives and two concubines.

A goat relationship. A horn. That would really do it.

A gut yontif.


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