Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Important is the Temple Mount?

By important, I mean central, even crucial, to Israel's position within the context of how the powers look at the conflict with the Arab world that Israel is forced to confront.

For example, here is Henry Kissinger as recorded in the Minutes of a Bipartisan Leadership Meeting that was held in Washington, November 27, 1973:

A way must be found to remove the Arab holy places from Israeli control. 

Attending were, among others, Senate Majority Leader Michael J. Mansfield, Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott (R–Pennsylvania), and Senators J. William Fulbright, John C. Stennis, Milton R. Young (R–North Dakota), and John L. McClellan (D–Arkansas); Speaker of the House Carl Albert, House Majority Leader Thomas P. O’Neill (D–Massachusetts), House Minority Leader and Vice President-designate Gerald R. Ford, and Congressmen William S. Mailliard (R–California) and Samuel S. Stratton (D–New York).

That would make continued Israeli control a central, even crucial, issue, no?

Oh, there was this there, too:

Scott: Are the Israelis more or less intransigent than American Jews?
Kissinger: Less. Israel’s problem now is the election campaign. Since October 22, Israel’s position has evolved and they are willing to talk about things. But the American Jews are so tough and tend to hypo the Israelis and give them illusions.
Fulbright: Isn’t that an illusion?
President: It is in this Administration.
Fulbright: Not in Congress.
Kissinger: Let’s make clear: We are trying to preserve Israel’s security. We have no intentions of sacrificing Israel, and some day they will thank us.
Albert: Why do the Europeans think the destruction of Israel would end the blackmail?
Kissinger: This is a sad chapter in the history of Europe. There is no good answer.
Mailliard: Are you going to Europe?
Kissinger: I am going to the NATO meeting and the President has told me to lay it out cold. There will be screaming.
Scott: Do the American Jews know the extent of Israeli losses?
Kissinger: We will be working with the American Jews. The President is the best friend Israel ever had. In time they will realize that. Israel can’t go on with military solutions. They cannot win a war of attrition.


Shtrudel said...

Nixon & Kissinger wouldn't allow Israel to execute a preemptive strike in 1973... The result was thousands of Israeli dead or maimed for life...

Indeed, Israel can't win a war of attrition... Yet a series of "the best friend Israel ever had" presidents prevent Israel from achieving definitive victories...

And all the while these "the best friend Israel ever had" presidents undermine Israeli sovereignty...

OnlineCommentingGuy said...

Good point. The series of "best friend" Presidents is itself a war of attrition.