Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Partial Summary of Terror Attacks Sept. 2015 - Mar. 2016

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Hatzalah Yehudah Shomron and the Jordan Valley

A Partial summary of the continuous terror attacks from 13-9-15-13-3-16

Jews have been run over, stabbed, and shot, even before what is termed as the "wave of terror" which is encouraged, praised and aided by the continuous incitement by the Palestinian Authority, which calls the murderous terrorists "martyrs" and their acts of terror deemed "acts of heroism".

In the last six months these acts of terror have been carried out by terrorists from age 72 and down to 13-years old. These murderous attacks were carried out by an Arab who has citizenship of Israel, Bedouins, Sudanese, and members of the PA security forces who are full of hate and the desire to murder Jews.

Six Months of Terror and murder by numbers:

35 murdered and at least 517 wounded, 20 widows, 77 orphans, some of whom are infants.

The terrorists use many ways to carry out their intention to murder:

8 murdered and about 127 injured in stabbing attacks, 5 of which are in attacks where the terrorists penetrated into a community.
7 murdered and at least 12 injured in terror attacks where 4 stabbing and gunshot /explosive devices were used 
1 murdered and at least 12 injured in 5 terror attacks combined with running over and stabbing 
2 murdered and at least 60 injured in 30 run over terror attacks 
10 murdered and 81 injured in 79 shooting attacks (many of the terror attacks against security forces are not publicized)
4 dead and 18 injured from friendly fire by our security forces
1 murdered from attacks with rocks at least 188 injured : 33 soldiers-59 policemen- 96 civilians the smallest a six month old baby girl
2 non-Jews were murdered and 5 injured during terror attacks 
By miracle 2 moderately injured in 169 terror attacks with explosive devices most of which were directed to security forces and the attacks are mostly not publicized
7 injured in 1363 terror attacks with fire bombs, including a three year old little girl who was seriously injured and required many medical treatments for her burns
1 policeman injured from explosive gas during terror attack
4 injured in various types of terror attacks

A: This report includes both security forces and civilians
B: Many of the shooting and explosive device attacks are against security forces and are calculated from data taken from the reports from the General Security Forces statistics on their site


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