Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grey Area

The actor Joel (Joel David Katz) Grey has published an autobiography.

The 'scandalous' part: teen in Los Angeles, Grey had sex with his girlfriend’s mother and embarked on an affair with a cantor named Paul at his parent's temple.  Eventually the charismatic clergyman married a good friend of Grey's. One night the trio went out and Paul initiated a ménage trois. A few months later the cantor's wife confessed that she was getting an annulment and her family lawyer suggested that Grey be a co-respondent. The "Cabaret" star was terrified and confessed all to his parents. 

In fact, the cantor's wife was a former girlfriend:

Mr. Grey, then still in high school, had to reveal to his parents that he had been having an affair with the handsome young cantor of their synagogue in Los Angeles — and that he might be publicly named in the divorce suit brought by the cantor’s wife. (Complicating the story further: Mr. Grey had been dating the cantor’s wife before the cantor began dating her.)

What a cabaret.

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