Thursday, January 28, 2016

Could I Be An "Insecure Person"?

Caught this at the US Jerusalem Consulate Facebook page:

#‎usaidwbg‬ is proud to announce a $12 Million Contribution to the World Food Programme for food assistance in the West Bank and Gaza. This contribution will provide 10,200 metric tons of food assistance to 95,000 food insecure people in Gaza and an additional 41,500 food insecure people in the West Bank. This money will also support the West Bank electronic voucher program benefiting 50,000 vulnerable Palestinians...

What are the parameters of their insecurity?

And what is meant be vulnerable?

I think over 400,000 Jews are insecure and many are vulnerable to Arab terror, Arab incitement and Arab intentions.

Can we receive assistance?

But if so, please, make it kosher?


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