Wednesday, March 05, 2014


An EOZ find:

In America, rock-throwers get shot
The Obama Administration’s new Homeland Security Secretary announced Friday that the department plans to “review the department’s use of force policies.” Media reports indicate that there are ongoing discussions “about when border agents can use their guns.” Apparently, this review has been sparked by a border agent shooting a 41-year old man who struck the agent in the head with a rock near San Diego. (Go figure, a 41-year old rock thrower got shot.)
Wrongly, civil rights groups have criticized border the border patrol (who are overseen by Homeland Security) for allowing border agents to use deadly force against people who throw rocks at them. According to a report, agents were attacked with rocks 339 times in the 2011 budget year. Rock-throwing incidents were the most common assault reported. Agents responded with gunfire 33 times and with less-than-lethal force, including the use of pepper spray and batons, 118 times.


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