Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Disappointed by a Rabbi

I attended a lecture by Rabbi Sheldon Lewis.  He has authored a book, one whose theme is reconciliation.  He's here in Jerusalem and some of his activities are being facilitated by the US Embassy.  The lecture was entitled "Peace Making in the Jewish Tradition".

I cannot say I was overly impressed by his words.  First of all, there was Luba Eliav's book, "Shalom: Peace in Jewish Tradition" (1977) and others (here and also here).  From what I see, his follows the weekly portions which might be a new framework.

But when i did ask him a question,

I was astounded.

Following his comments on two previous questions, I framed my question relating to intra-Jewish matters.

I asked what could be done to encourage an understanding that just like the campaign of the Women of the Wall was mostly favorably appreciated and understood to be one of the right to freely worship within the Jewish tradition so, too, should be the campaign for a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. The two should be viewed as parallel despite the political differences.

Lewis is a J Street supporter. He also supports Rabbis for Human Rights. He is to the far-left of Jewish politics.

How did he astound me?  By saying that there are certain things one cannot change and so better to leave it alone.

So simplistic.

So non-involved.  An abdicating attitude.

I doubt that is his orientation in matters about which he feels very strongly.

I felt disappointment as if he was copping-out.

Not inspiring as a Rabbi but par for the course of a leftist activist.



Ben Packer said...

he's not a rabbi. that is silly

Thor said...

I have to think about these questions. They are serious and demand serious thought.

zaba said...

To be expected: he is a j st. rabbi: