Thursday, August 09, 2012

Making 'Jew-washing' Official

Being a linguist or a language maven:


Reply received:

Thanks for your definition of Jew-washing!
Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.



Anonymous said...

Censorship confirmed. I thought your submission was rejected because the definition sounded corporatey and the example was out of context. To test this, I submitted a definition of the slang term Asajew, which I was surprised to see missing from the Urban Dictionary given its popularity. with a full list of related tags and several examples of it being used in context including one on a Dutch blog. They rejected it despite the term being widespread enough to have jumped languages and having a better writeup than most entries on UD.

It's not clear to me whether They is the user community or a specific set of editors. The time between submission and rejection was about two hours and fifteen minutes, so it's not known how many editors had a chance to look at it but it was probably not a large number.

Hilel Salomon said...

Good for you. Jew washing is every bit as apt as "self-hating Jews," "company-Jews," "Jewish Uncle Toms," and last, but not least "dupes."

rlandes said...

it'll make it. we just have to keep using where appropriate, which is, alas, all too common.