Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Jordan and the Jewish State - An Intertwined Fate

I have blogged previously (here) that the White Paper of 1939 was actually an illegal document and moreover, in 1946, due to the fact that from an international legal perspective, the original 1922 League of Nation's decision was still in force - and continues to be - which guarantees the right of Jews, at the very least, to closely settle all over Western 'Palestine" territory, Jordan could not become independent until a Jewish State was created.  The fates of the two were intertwined.

The immediate reference is the status of TransJordan, by then the Hashemite Kingdom, as an independent state to be accepted as such into the United Nations, which was opposed by the United States.


...The Anglo-American treaty, also known as the Palestine Mandate Convention, permitted the US to delay any unilateral British action to terminate the mandate. The earlier proclamation of the independence of Syria and Lebanon had said "the independence and sovereignty of Syria and Lebanon will not affect the juridical situation as it results from the Mandate Act. Indeed, this situation could be changed only with the agreement of the Council of the League of Nations, with the consent of the Government of the United States, a signatory of the Franco-American Convention of 4 April 1924".  The U.S. adopted the policy that formal termination of the mandate with respect to Transjordan would follow the earlier precedent established by the French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon. That meant termination would generally be recognized upon the admission of Transjordan into the United Nations as a fully independent country. Members of the U.S. Congress introduced resolutions demanding that the U.S. Representative to the United Nations be instructed to seek postponement of any international determination of the status of Transjordan until the future status of Palestine as a whole was determined. The U.S. State Department also received a legal argument from Rabbis Wise and Silver objecting to the independence of Transjordan.  At the 1947 Pentagon Conference, the U.S. advised Great Britain it was withholding recognition of Transjordan pending a decision on the Palestine question by the United Nations...

I had occasion to recall this in respect to my "fraction principle solution" idea.

Well, here's another contemporary report  from the Palestine Post on August 1, 1947:


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