Monday, March 12, 2012

Testimony on Obama and Israel

...Obama took office with a distinctly progressive vision of Jewish identity and the Jewish state, one shaped by the Chicago Jewish community that helped launch his political career. Three years later—after a bitter struggle with the Israeli government and the American Jewish establishment--that vision is all but gone.

Obama entered the White House after an adulthood spent—more than any predecessor—in the company of Jews. Most of his key legal mentors were Jews (Abner Mikva, for example); many of his biggest donors were Jews; his chief political consultant, David Axelrod, was a Jew; he lived across the street from a synagogue. And for the most part, the Jews Obama knew best were progressives, shaped by the civil-rights movement and alienated from mainstream American Jewish organizations over Israel.

Obama’s initial statements about Israel often mirrored the liberal Zionism of his Jewish friends. Like them, he embraced the progressive aspects of Israeli society and Jewish tradition while critiquing Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. During his 2004 Senate run, Obama criticized the barrier built to separate Israel and its major settlements from the rest of the West Bank. In an interview with the journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, he praised David Grossman’s book Yellow Wind, a searing portrait of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. Before a Cleveland crowd in 2008, he challenged the view that “unless you adopt an unwavering pro-Likud approach to Israel, you’re anti-Israel.” In the words of Rabbi Arnold Wolf [of Breirah], an earlier supporter who ran the synagogue across the street from Obama’s house, Obama “was on the line of [the dovish Israeli group] Peace Now.”

...Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had a record of opposing settlement growth too. In 2003, he had been one of only four Jewish members of Congress to sign a letter endorsing the Road Map. Privately, he told associates that the Bush administration had coddled Israel, and that it was time for Israel’s American friends to speak more frankly to the leaders of the Jewish state...

From Peter Beinart's forthcoming book, The Crisis of Zionism, excerpted in Newsweek.

You'd trust your Zionism and Israel's security to that approach?



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Anonymous said...

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I suggest you not read this unless you are a warrior with a strong stomach. Nothing is carved in granite, prophetically speaking, Israel can always repent, humble themselves, and draw near to God. God will and can change pre-ordained catastrophic propheseys pertaining to Israel. He has done it in the past, he stopped the sun. War after war he has intervened on your part and took what was to be a catastrophy and turned it to your advantage. Prefacing with that statement I will now get to the point. Biblically speaking and according to Islamic belief, Israel will be destroyed in the very near future. In their minds that is a given. At that time Islam must weild the power economically and politically to overcome the western world. According to revelation they will exert power over the U.N. and will pass blasphemy laws which give them the right to behead all those who do not BOW to Islam. Our president knows this if he crosses the shadow of a sheik he is on his knees. If we could drill for gas, gas would be $1.00 a gallon. Canadian crude is at $33 a barral and he will not let it in. Why? Because he knows the only power Islam weilds is that of controlling the oil spicket. It states EXPLICITLY in revelation that all Christians and Jews are beheaded in the tribulation. Now this will be liberal Jews and Christians in the western civilization. This does not refer to Israel because in Islams mind you are entirely destroyed BEFORE THE TRIBULATION. That would be with an Iranian nuke. Now do you understand why obstacles are being put in front of you attempting to prevent you from taking unilateral actions on your part to protect yourselves. Russia and China have dealt with Hitler before, it is crystal clear to them what is happening. That is why they are drawing a line in the sand between the east and the west and telling Mr. Moon from the U.N he will get his foot cut off if he crosses it.