Friday, March 02, 2012

Return to the Right of Return - To Where?

There's a new "Palestine, Present and Future" site up, 3Awda.

From the introduction:

The events of 15 May 2011, as thousands of Palestinians marched towards their sites of dispossession, re-asserted the possibility to envision al-3awda (‘the return’) as a concrete act in the present, and created a new space to imagine the future. At a time when a global Palestinian diaspora is rediscovering its many voices, and in the midst of a political awakening across the Arab world, this project seeks to harness a moment of possibility and to focus a new collective energy towards return.

In this space, we not only affirm the ‘right of return’, but also explore critically and proactively the ongoing spatial, political and demographic realities of today’s Palestine. How do we imagine return not only as a physical act in the present, but also as a political horizon of justice and dignity towards which to aspire? What would such a political space mean for those people who seek to build their future in this territory? And how might this in turn create a new relationship with the Arab world beyond?

“This project calls on activists, artists, creative professionals, community organisers and entrepreneurs to engage in initiatives and to share in the shaping of a new vision towards return. It is these fragments of return, or 3awda, which make it possible to envision paths towards the future founded in collective agency rather than global politics. This project begins with the hashtag #3awda, and is limited only by our collective capacity to imagine.

I left this comment there (awaiting moderation):

In the name and sake of dialogue, does "today's Palestine" mean the territory of the Palestinian Authority only, or does it include pre-1967 Israel or parts thereof or/and does it also include parts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan?

Really -

Will it be approved?

(This section seems to indicate Israel is part of "Palestine". Which means that "Palestine" is part of Israel.).

And you know where that leads.




3.  ahmad says:
09:27at 02.03.2012(#)

Thanks for your comment Yisrael.

As a group, we had long debates about terminology. Ultimately, this site is a platform to feature projects by Palestinians and those who support the realisation of their legal right (and choice) to return to whatever place they – or their family – were displaced fromNb. Israelis are welcome to join this dialogue, as the feature on the Badil-Zochrot seminars demonstrates.



Seth said...

Your comment was approved and responded to.

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