Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Those of Washington Came To Those of Ariel and Shiloh

Several US Congressmen and their wives visited Israel last week and devoted personal time to locations that spoke to them and their deep Christian belief in the Bible. They also wished to view the reality on the ground in Judea and Samaria.  They included Jim Jordan of Ohio, Louis Gohmert of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado, Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana and Randy Forbes of Virginia.

I was privileged to be part of the effort to assure that their visit would be the best possible, along with many others* who assisted, and that the visitors gain the most while here.

Some photographs:-

1.  At lunch on Wednesday at Ariel's Cafe-Cafe.  Ron Nahman, Ariel's mayor, addressing the group.

2.  Congressman Lou Gohmert from Texas:

3.  Congressman from Randy Forbes from Virginia

4.  The crowd, participants and invited guests:

5.  More of the assembled:

6.  Even observing the swimming pool.  That's Heather Johnston embracing Ron Nahman's wife:

7.  More of the lunch participants:

And then there was the later visit to Tel Shiloh that day:

8.  At the pinnacle of the Tel, overlooking the site of the Tabernacle to the north:

9.  Eve Harow, the guide, pointing out the particulars of the newly-discovered Byzantine massive structure:

10.  Further explanation by Eve of the story of the approach of the Benjamite to Shiloh, I Samuel 4:

The official Ariel press releaseArutz 7 story.

Other photographs.

And this:

All photographs by YMedad except last one by Heather Meyers.


Ruthie Lieberman, Eve Harow, Avi Zimmerman, David HaIvri among them.


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