Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wall Street's Kol Nidre

Seems there was no chillul shabbaton as there were no microphones:-

...OWS is guided by an egalitarian General Assembly in which each speaker’s voice is amplified by “human microphones,” individuals whose responsibility it is to repeat the words of the speaker so that they are heard far and wide, without electronic amplification. This has the result of sharing ownership of the words among the crowd. In the Kol Nidre service, human microphone and responsive reading blended seamlessly.

and this


There will be no musical instruments or amplification. The lack of amplification may make it difficult for the hard of hearing. We will do our best to accommodate.

We also request that you please refrain from taking video or photographs, as more observant participants may feel uncomfortable. If you are being photographed, please do not engage in an altercation with the photographer. Turn away or wave your hand “no” to communicate your desire to not be photographed.

Mobius seems to have been behind it.

I may have been a singles' event. And singular.


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