Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Series of Wall Posters - The Hareidi Media Vehicle

Calling on Bet Shemesh residents, closest to the scene, to agitate about a puported cemetery desecration:

Claimed that bones will be disturbed by railway works near Yavneh

The hareidi girls school, Bnot Yerushalayim, has set up a branch in Bet Shemesh and changed administrative hands and the family doesn't agree with the educational policy which  is not stringent enough so they ask that the name be changed (see below)

Against any cooperation with National Service programs

Yahrtzeit of the Tanna Rebbe Meir Baal-HaNes

The problem of Kohanim at Meron

More of the same Meron problem for Kohanim

Permission for Kohanim to approach Meron via Burma A Street

The girls school of Bnot Yerushalayim is actually property of the Bet Shemesh Municiupality which is "Zionist" and that's a no-no for certain Hareidim


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