Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Steve Plaut sent me this:

There is a leaflet being distributed thru the web by the “National Jewish Staff” group, a right-leaning Zionist activist group in Israel. [might be this group (Hebrew)]

The content of the leaflet is in Hebrew and is unsigned, but I found it amusing and have translated it here. Not sure who deserves credit for composing it. Here ‘tis:

“We are all opposed to Occupation”

1. We oppose occupation – of the legislative and executive branches of Israeli government by the judicial branch.

2. We oppose occupation – of the Supreme Court by the radical Left, where judicial appointments are made by one friend bringing another.

3. We oppose occupation – of the Land of Israel by foreigners who have infiltrated, including those Arabs who migrated into Israel as a result of Zionism to benefit economically.

4. We oppose occupation – of Jerusalem by the Moslems, who were a mere 18% of its population in the year 1900 and 14% in 1912.

5. We oppose occupation – of the Israeli electronic media by the Bolshevik Left.

6. We oppose occupation – by illegal Moslem infiltrators from Sudan, Eritrea, and elsewhere in Africa.

7. We oppose occupation – of Israeli institutions of higher education by the radical demented Left.

8. We oppose occupation – of Israel’s cultural and art institutions by the anti-Zionist Left.



Juniper in the Desert said...

Brilliant!! Shared!

arielzellman said...

I would very much like to see this pamphlet! Is there an online copy and can you email it to me? :-)