Sunday, May 08, 2011

Meet Hoshea Friedman

What is the relationship between the Admor of Vishnitz, Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua (Moshelle) Hager, sitting there in the center:

and this man, Hoshea Friedman, Colonel (Res.), head of the pre-army Mechina "Bet Yisrael":

Well, Hoshea's mother is the Rebbe's sister so the Rebbe is his uncle. His father's great-great grandfather was the Rozhiner, Yisrael Friedman.

Incidentally, the great-great grandfather of the Rebbe was a son-in-law of the Rozhiner, married to his daughter, Miriam, which makes things quite family oriented.

Hoshea was awarded the AVI CHAI Prize for 5763 eight years ago

for his pioneering initiatives to deepen tolerant discourse in Israeli Jewish society, mainly through the establishment of the first pre-army program for religious, traditional, and secular youth...In a series of unique, daring projects, Hoshea showed how one can teach tolerance and respectful dialogue and achieve pluralism. Hoshea’s role in founding Beit Yisrael, the urban kibbutz in Jerusalem, and forming cadres of army recruits known as the "Golani project" are noteworthy. His most significant contribution, however, is the Beit Yisrael mechina (pre-army program), which he established and heads in Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood. Beit Yisrael is the first mixed pre-army program in Israel for male and female high-school graduates, religious and secular alike...

He'll be lighting a torch at this year's Independence Day ceremony.


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