Friday, March 11, 2011

I Am Quoted

Quoted in Colin Firth’s Upcoming Travesty posted by Arnold Ahlert:

That viewpoint was echoed by Yisrael Medad who works at Menachem Begin Heritage Center where Winterbottom reportedly went to do some of his aforementioned research. “I had the opportunity to introduce him to the vast literature on the underground struggle against the British and the political interpretative dispute,” said Medad. “I also pointed out the period’s complexity but the simple stories of heroism. He seemed quite uneasy and indicated that the real period he was after was the late 1930s. That, to me, indicated an attempt to pillory the Jews as ‘terrorists’ no better, and probably worse, than the Arabs.”

What's this about?

[Colin] Firth will be playing the role of British Assistant District Commissioner Robert Chambers in The Promised Land, directed by Michael Winterbottom. The current script, a romance between Thomas Wilkin, a British police officer responsible for tracking down members of underground Zionist groups in British Mandate of Palestine, and Shoshana Borochov, daughter of Dov Ber Borochov, a left-wing Zionist, presents the story, according to Pollack, as “one in which the British favor the Jews over the Arabs, the Jews repay British kindness with cruelty, and Arab violence against civilians and support for the Third Reich are airbrushed out of the picture.”

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Anonymous said...

forget the narrative of just evil jew attacking saintly brits

just like in the promise, we have jewish girl falling in love with brit soldier/police

i really dont like where these stories are headed