Saturday, March 05, 2011

How Long Does It Take To Chop Down 500 Olive Trees?

I asked myself that question after reading this:-

Settlers chopped down more than 500 olive trees owned by Palestinians in the West Bank district of Nablus on Friday, Palestinian Authority officials said.

Residents of the illegal Shvut Rachel settlement raided Qusra village and chopped down the trees, said Ghassan Doughlas, PA official for settlement affairs in the northern West Bank.

Have you any idea, first of all, how large an area is required for a grove of 500 olive trees? According to this source:

There is no exact recipe for tree spacing. It depends on the variety, terrain, climate, proposed harvest method, tree training systems, fertility, irrigation management, and soil conditions. Spacing ranges from as close as 3ft by 12ft (0.9m by 3.7m) to 28ft by 28ft (8.5m by 8.5m) -- also referred to as 28ft on center -- and every combination in between.

More detailed info here.

In any case, that's a lot of territory. Doo you know how long it takes to cut down 500 trees? And since he reported "cut down", I presume he isn;t referring to saplings that can be pulled out.

Do you know how many times this year that Doughlas has reported on olive tree destruction, and how many trees?

Now, in June 1936, 18,000 trees were destroyed, but Arabs did that. So maybe they do know something about chopping down olive trees.


Here's a Hebrew-language item on the matter plus pics of the leftists who came last Shabbat to exprerss solidarity with Kuzra village.

And another item on the attack by Arabs on Alei-Ayin and the injuring of Eitan Zeev.

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