Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fogel Family Releases Graphic Photos

These photos were released by the family. They have given full permission to reproduce them to report on the horrific reality of murdering children and babies in their sleep, simply because they are Jewish.

The photos are high resolution and can be reproduced.



Allie said...

Heartbreaking. Utterly, utterly heartbreaking.

My thoughts are with the family and with Israel.

Many Brits are with you. Ignore our governments. They don't speak for the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

No words.

NormanF said...

Words always fail me.

When you see such shocking scenes, you know the distance between the rubbish of the diplomats and the incitement of the Arab leaders is one of light years.

Don't look for peace to happen in our lifetime. The divide between Arab and Jew is a moral and not a political one and can't be bridged.

One cannot have a dialogue with folks who think children - and yes, babes in the cradle are deserving of death at their own hands.

Eirik said...

Utterly atrociuos and tragic. Most of us norwegians are on your side too despite what our sick media/government wants us to believe. That being said i think it is important to remain cool-headed and remember that not all arabs are monsters. Peace

Anonymous said...

I have words, but they would be too profane for this forum...

Blessings on the Fogels, on Israel, and upon those who count Islam as the enemy. "Islam" has had its chance to correct its followers who act beyond the pale, and they have not done it, their true colors shine clearly enough.