Monday, December 13, 2010

Richard Silverstein Is A Child Molester (Not Really But... and No Pun Intended)

Richard Silverstein uses a weird sense of humor or a feeble attempt at satire to be critical of the Moskowitz Zionism Prize and published this post at his blog:-

Dr. Irving Moskowitz, bingo king, hospital mogul and settler real estate magnate, today issued a call for nominations for the 2011 Moskowitz-Kahane Prize for Zionism. Candidates must be true believers in Jewish supremacy over all of Biblical Israel and be proficient in Krav Maga and all aspects of AK-47 maintenance. It wouldn’t hurt if they’d killed or seriously maimed a Sand Nigger. Video of candidates dousing hot oil on Israeli police during settlement evacuations is a definite plus. Attendance at a Baruch Marzel anti-Arab pogrom is a must. If you’ve called for hanging an Israeli prime minister who gives up an inch of Jerusalem, you’re our kinda guy. If you are willing to tell the world that the State of Israel can go to Hell and you support an Jewish kingdom governed by strict halacha, you’ve got a shot.
The $50,000 prize must be used to protect our brethren in the Eretz Ha-Kodesh from the filthy, disgusting scum. Preferably you’ll purchase suitable weaponry to perform your sacred task or else use the funds to liberate formerly Jewish homes currently in the hands of the Unclean.
Past winners of the Prize have included:
Meir Kahane (may a Tzadik be remembered for good)
Baruch Goldstein
Yigal Amir
Julien Soufir
Asher Weisgan
Eden Natan-Zada
Jack Teitel

If you think you have the right stuff, see if you measure up against these Heroes of Zion.
Peaceniks, do-gooders, Arab lovers, Jew haters, need not apply.
We’ll see you at the bingo parlor in Hawaiian Gardens, the engine that drives the settlement train ($150-million worth!).

Thanks to Michael Levin for the artwork.

Silverstein is not only an ideological pervert, who injects his oral mucous membrane with its lingual papillae in places no sane human being, let alone a Jew, would stick a dactyl, but he isn't funny.

His language is guttersnipe, his examples of previous "winners" are so outlandish that anyone would know he's trying to be a temper tantrum thrower and his too obvious hate is way too spewful to be contained in a blog.

A comment there notes, correctly, that AK-47s ('Klatchnikov') are not in use by the civilian revenants residing in Judea and Samaria and so he folds under protest:

Settlers use AK-47s. I’ve seen pictures of them holding them. But in due deference I’ll consider changing my text...

Another comment actually manages to be a bit funny of Silverstein:

bit confused here. are you upset that there is an award, or that you have no chance of winning it?

There follows an exchange and Seattle-based Silverstein writes:

Oh, I diss settler rabbis all the time, which is what this guy is whether he’s on the wrong or right side of the Green Line

I tried to leave a comment myself but I think I'm still banned from almost two years ago.

I really don't appreciate people who presume they can dish it out, but can't take any flak in return. Smacks of fascism.



Anonymous said...

Silverstein is a mean nasty creature of a human being

Abu Teddy said...

Hamas,Hezbollah,Iran and Muslim Brotherhood today issued a joint call for nominations for the "2011 Mufti Muhamed Amin Al Husseini Prize for Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Everywhere". Candidates must be true believers in Arab supremacy, over all of Koranic Palestine including Koranic Jerusalem(yeah we know, neither is mentioned even once in the Koran) and be proficient in Suicide Bombing, Murder, Violent Repression of all Political Rivals, tractor/auto/sheep stealing, Protection, Extortion,Kidnapping, Racketeering, Tunnel Digging and all aspects of Mortar, Katyusha, RPG, AK-47, M16, Kassams,Scud Missile and Donkey maintenance. Affiliation with world wide Jihad and Al Qaeda, a plus. It wouldn’t hurt if they’d killed or seriously maimed a busload of Jews, expelled Christians and/or stoned some adulteresses to death.
Asked to comment on the event, Sheikh Nassrallah of Hezbollah snickered, "Those Jews with their Moskowitz Prize are such sentimental weenies. They are mostly talkers, farmers and settlement builders. Be serious, are you really going to try to convince me to equate that amateur nonsense with our craftsmanship? Those 'Pikers' actually think twice and fire off warning shots in the air. What a joke. The only time we fire in the air is at a wedding. You want to see bodies stacked up to the sky for a cause? You want to see a meat grinder with men, women, children, going in one end and coming out as chopped up sausages on the other end? Call one of our candidates"

sabril said...

My experiences with Silverstein are similar to what's been reported by others. I wouldn't be surprised if he is secretly rooting for Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. This is just my own speculation.

Anonymous said...

glad you found my comment funny

seems that after my last post regarding the faux gas related death, capo dickie has now banned me too

i can easily get around the ban...but why bother

Kibbutznik said...

Ok , for arguments sake , how do you explain these two pics ?

YMedad said...

Those are not AK-47s. see here for what a Klatch looks like. those ar M 16s. so, you aren't a kibbutznik are you?

Kibbutznik said...

I didnt say they were and I am a kibbutznik
why the defensive attitude ?
you and Richard have more in common than being Americans
I just wanted a way to explain it to him , forget it , bite each others heads of who cares what two Americans think anyhow

Kibbutznik said...

you guys are right he hates all of us , see here :
first he started off with :
" the plain fact is that such racist attitudes are a reflection of the views of all Israeli Jews and not just the extremists among them. ”
I went nuts and now he has changed it from " all " to the majority
to late
I may be left wing but I know a hater of my country when I meat one
united we stand , divided we fall
we have got to find a path for all of us !!
the in-fighting has to stop

YMedad said...

well, glad he listens to you.

and glad you now know the truth of the progressive-left-radical-humanist camp.

Kibbutznik said...

he is not interested in anything I have to say , only in what he has to say

I'm from the left humanist camp only I'm an Israeli and I dont like being called a racist and I dont like my country being torn into pieces on a daily basis and I dont like the lies from someone who does not have the balls to live here .

so I'm done reading his hate filled web pages

its our country not his and we will sort out our problems together without the help of America

Anonymous said...