Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Israel And Its Maps Problem

Do you recall when Efraim Kishon famously quipped, that Israel is a country so tiny that there is no room to write its name on the world map.

is the only country not big enough to include its name on maps.

Well, if you go here, you can see an example of that geographical anomaly.

Unfortunately, it's at the new LSE Middle East Centre, perhaps indicating that Israel isn't part of the Middle East. That's not very academic.

Actually, the map only illustrates Israel's main problem: it's still too small.


We now have this official response:

Thank you for your email. To illustrate a news story in our magazine LSE Connect about the new Middle East Research centre at LSE, we used a small stock image of a map of the region without realising that, while Israel was coloured in on the map, it was not identified in text. This oversight was unfortunately not picked up during the production process. We apologise for any offence caused by its publication and we have updated the online version of LSE Connect to remove the map. We will publish an apology for this error in the next print edition of the magazine.

The image did not come from the Middle East Centre. It was intended as a graphic device only and does not reflect the breadth of the Centre's research. The Middle East Centre is developing research and teaching on the societies, economies, polities, and international relations of the region, which includes Arab states, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kind regards

Jessica Winterstein
Deputy head, LSE Press and Information Office
020 7107 5025

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Anonymous said...

you are being too kind. If Gaza makes it to the map....