Thursday, December 02, 2010

ElderofZiyon on: Elder of "Palestine"

From Al Quds al Arabi (Arabic).

And EoZ posts:

Al Quds al Arabi reports that Palestinian Authority prime minister Salam Fayyad has announced, on the radio, that the PA no longer abides by the Oslo Accords, which have governed the fragile relations between Israel and the PA since 1993.

Fayyad said during his weekly radio show on local Palestinian radio stations Wednesday that the Palestinian National Authority 'will not be a prisoner to the restrictions of Oslo'.

Fayyad added 'The National Authority recognizes the magnitude of the challenges and difficulties our people are living under on a daily basis, and it works to assume its full responsibilities. All the possibilities are available to it to strengthen the resilience of its citizens, and adhere and stay on their land, in the various regions, particularly the Jordan Valley area, all areas classified Area C, which constitute about 60 percent of the West Bank, including the areas behind the wall', he said,' These areas are not disputed areas, it is part and parcel of the occupied Palestinian territory, and the responsibility of the Palestinian National Authority is essential that work to the maximum of their capacities to provide services for all its citizens, it will not be a prisoner to the restrictions of Oslo."

As I pointed out yesterday, the Palestinian Authority derives all of its powers from the Oslo Accords, so if Oslo is not operative, he should be out of a job.

Does this mean that Israel no longer has to adhere to Oslo any more either, or is this just a one-way decision?

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Absolutely! We are free!!!!