Saturday, October 09, 2010

I Can't Understand Israel's Joy

Israel seems to be happy over this:-

Israeli officials have expressed satisfaction with a decision by the Arab League to give the United States another month to save peace talks with the Palestinians from collapse. Arab foreign ministers meeting in Libya backed a Palestinian demand not to negotiate unless Israel extends a moratorium on settlement construction that expired two weeks ago. But Israel hopes that in the next month, the U.S. can hammer out a compromise.

"We are working very seriously with the United States to try to insure that the direct talks that started between us and the Palestinians continue," said Israeli spokesman Mark Regev.

But don't they realize that the Pals. have turned the tables?

Israel gave the Pals. 10 months to come to the negotiating table and froze construction in the Yesha communities. They only came after 9 months.

And now, Israel is in a time constraint of 30 days - or else.

And Mark Regev is serious?


under an emerging deal, Israel would extend the settlement freeze for two months in exchange for American security guarantees.

should mean we should be building like crazy.


Jerusalem fears pressure on PM will increase in Nov

Government officials say US pressure aimed at halting settlement construction will increase after midterm elections; Arab League's Follow-up Committee set to convene in a month to review alternatives proposed by Abbas

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