Thursday, June 03, 2010

He's Got A Point

Yehezkel Dror:-

...the Winograd Committee stressed the need for radical change in the culture of political-security decision-making. However, Monday's operation once again exposed Israel's primitive culture of policy-making, with all its dangers.

We must ask why talented people continue to fail. One explanation is the multiplicity of ideological differences and coalition problems. That's always a suitable excuse for a situation we are not trying hard to change. However, it is clear that this factor did not influence preparations for the naval operation.

It seems that more radical steps are necessary to overcome the failures of Israel's policy-making culture, including changes in structure, personnel, training and processes of decision and supervision, especially the example the leadership needs to set. If the additional shock of the naval operation's failures help generate the necessary change, our loss will be our gain. If not, it is highly likely we can expect more failures that put our future at risk.

Of course, I know a few other bodies that could take this advice.

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