Friday, June 04, 2010

A Flotilla Peek from Bulgaria

From Bulgaria:

...Svetoslav Ivanov, who was on one of the six-ship flotilla, along with cameraman, Valentiv Vassilev, both from the country's biggest private national TV channel bTV, pointed out that before the ships sailed they were under the impression the captains would stop them before entering territorial waters, only to realize it was deiced and coordinated ahead of time that there would be no stopping at all.

"They all knew Israel was prepared to use any means to stop them," the reporter pointed out.

Ivanov also stated that the 50+ organizers, mainly pro-Palestinian organizations, but also [note: there are "pro-Pals." and there are] human rights ones, and peace supporters, were fully aware that they had media traveling with them, which made them bolder, adding things could have been much scarier without the presence of journalists...the Bulgarian reporter continued, “I cannot say this was organized provocation, but the conditions for all this to occur were right there – it was like – let's try to pass the blockade, and if we don't succeed, let's at least make headlines. But no one expected the toll that ended up being paid by the Turkish ship.”

(Kippah tip: LA)

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Juniper in the Desert said...

If the EU gives up on Greece, I wonder how the Bulgarians will feel when the new ottoman army sweeps through their land, chopping off heads, raping, making forced conversions. Seems like all these people- including Greeks - have a very short memory!