Thursday, March 04, 2010

No Scotch in Scotland If In Medina

Mixed up by the title?

Well, the news is in, you can't drink a l'chayim in Medina:-

Bar slammed over 'disrespectful' name change ~ Dundee pub renamed 'Medina Bar and Grill' is criticised by Muslim groups, who say it is disrespectful to their faith.

A Scottish bar that has undergone a re-branding exercise has caused outrage among the local Muslim community who say it is disrespectful to the Islamic faith. The Dundee establishment, which was formerly known as Bar Rio, has recently reopened as Medina Bar and Grill in the city's Nethergate.

But the move has angered local adherents to the Islamic faith, which discourages the drinking of alcohol among its followers.

Medina is a city in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia and is the second holiest site in the Islamic faith behind Mecca. However, it is also a term used for a market or bustling trading centre in north African cities. One senior member of Dundee's Central Mosque said the use of the Medina name in a place serving alcohol was "disrespectful".

Mohammed Bashir Chohan, chairman of the Dundee Islamic Society, said: "People are upset about it because Medina is a holy city in Islam. It does hurt when somebody misuses the name, especially if they are going to sell liquor."

The owner should have claimed the name is Hebrew, for state. Which is is.

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Kae Gregory said...

Maybe people should try to find something... anything that will not offend Muslims.
Like that's possible!