Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Month To Purim - The Latest In-The-Holiday-Spirit Fashion

Thanks to L, I was directed to this site and here are some selections for the T-shirt you can barf all over:

More themes:

Best Guy at Lakewood
2nd Best Guy at Lakewood
613 Yeshiva Lane
Banned in Boro...
Chumrah Addict
Chumrahs Annonymous
Don't Let the Chosson
Got Get?
He's a Working Boy
In Lieu of Shalach Manos
Is It Purim Yet?
Is Shabbos Over Yet?
It's Like Gemorah...
Kollel: It's the life...
Kollel Wife on Prozac
Met on the Banned Internet
My Daddy Bought it
Net Worth
No Kvetch Zone
OT, PT or Special ED?
Rappin Rabbis
Shabbos Afternoon Nap
Shidduch Application
Shidduch Crisis
The Rebbe is
Shark in the Mikvah
Too Much Manishewitz
Uncle Muhammad
We Use Plastic...
Only 5 Kids?
9 Days
Tefillin Mincha
JAP Trap
Yeshivah Dropout
Is Pesach Over Yet?

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