Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another in the Series "Jews Are Their Own Worse Enemies"

Roger Cohen writes in the NYTimes about stopping Iran:-

...the U.S. military option is not an option. It is unthinkable.

...No, the real “Red Line” will be set by Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s leading candidate to become prime minister after elections next week, has said “everything that is necessary” will be done to stop Iran going nuclear. I believe him.

Never again is never again. There’s no changing that Israeli lens, however distorting [and how is it distorted? after we now know that Iran has a ballistic missile] it may be in a changed world. That could mean an Israeli attack on Iran within a year. If the U.S. military option is unthinkable, equally unthinkable is the United States abandoning Israel.

That is Obama’s dilemma. Netanyahu is right about one thing. The Iranian nuclear program, which Iran implausibly says is for civilian purposes, is “the greatest challenge” now facing 21st-century leaders...

...Vice President Joseph Biden and senior Iranian officials, including Ali Larijani, the speaker of Parliament, will mingle at the Munich Security Conference this weekend. They should talk...[and]Obama...[must declare] a solemn declaration that the United States recognizes and no longer seeks to destabilize the Islamic Republic — an implicit renunciation of force...I think the tightened sanctions being contemplated by Obama are a bad idea.

The sanctions don’t work...reason can still prevail...Khamenei’s ultimate duty is to preserve the revolution by being true to Khomeini’s example. Obama might, obliquely, remind him of that.

This is the most stupid, illogical, unworkable, fancible and discombobulated process of thinking and analyzing I have read in a while (not that there are some others who come close).

He promotes Khomeini-style revolution and presumes that is not what Iran is doing.

He admits the threat to Israel (ignores that to the world) but makes fun of a military measure to offset it.

If, God forbid, something is attempted by Iran before Israel can neutralize it, I hope Cohen is around, and I hope I am too, because I'm going to come looking for him.


galia said...

US won't attack Iran. Obama is no Bush. So if Israel will attempt to do so,I am afraid you are on your own.
Just relax and make peace with Palestinians. And there will be no threat from Iran. I guarantee.
And if something does happen, just come looking for me.

YMedad said...

As much as I appreciate our on-line arguing and bantering, trust me, if Iran lets go, I doubt if I'll bhe able to come looking for you and maybe even many of hubby's relatives might not make it out of here. These Iranians are really extreme and they do not need Pal. issues to hate us, or that they be "solved" so that they can get back to attacking Iraq (you do remember the late 1980s?). I don't think you can guarantee me anything, not because of you but because of the enemy.

And if we go on our own, sit back and relax - or come looking for me.

galia said...

Stop killing and starving Palestinians and Iran won't let go!!!!!!!!
Iran never has started a war, whereas Israel did.

Thor said...

Fast track to WW3:

Israel attacks Iran
Syria attacks Israel
USA attacks Syria
Russia attacks USA
Europe attacks Russia
China attacks Europe

Check mate, Baal wins.