Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Man Does Protest Too Much, Methinks

Britain steps up fight against West Bank settlements

The British government is stepping up measures against settlements in the West Bank in an effort to stop their further expansion.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently instructed the Foreign Office to issue a warning to British citizens against the purchase of houses and real estate in the settlements.

Other measures recently imposed by London on West Bank settlements include tying the upgrade of relations between the European Union and Israel to the cessation of construction in the settlements in the West Bank and putting special labels on products denoting that they were made in West Bank settlements.

As The Bard has it, this Arab-Israel (Jewish-Muslim, Palestinianism-Zionism) conflict is a lasting strife, that has made too many Jews a widow, a widower and an orphan.

And Mr. Brown's spirits grow dull,

while his thinking becomes tedious and, it would appear, sleep rocks his brain which brings us all to mischance.

This is a play I like not at all.

(see Hamlet Act III, Scene 2)


Kae Gregory said...

O, that way madness lies; let me shun that; No more of that.
(King Lear)

YMedad said...

So, you possess a good education, too?

Anonymous said...

My take on this, naturally, is different and I can't comprehend this harping on illegality unless the ultimate aim is to ostracize Jews, Zionism and Israel. A Palestinian Arab was created for all intents and purposes in 1946 when Jordan achieved independence on 75% of the territory of the former Palestine Mandate and another was offered in 1947 on another 55% of the remaining territory but was refused and Arabs took up arms to eradicate any independent Jewish political entity. After this, and the war preparations and support for Arab terror groups prior to 1967, there is no legal Arab claim that could overcome any Jewish claim to Judea and Samaria.