Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Are Palestinians Philistines?

Here is a Philistine artifact found in the Land of Israel:

No Arabic you'll notice.

Here is an inscription from Tel Arad left by the people known as the Jews in the Hebrew language from the same period

So, no. Arabs are not descended from the Philistines but Jews are descended from those who spoke and wrote in Hebrew. Indigenous.



  1. Revealing, although not entirely surprising. This is one of the few places I am likely to encounter such historical evidence (if CNN covered this, it somehow escaped my attention).

    Thanks for posting it, although a reference to one or more primary sources would be helpful. I mean, like how do I know this self-described “fairly Jewy Jew”, clever chap that he is, isn’t just making it all up?

    Liatris Spicata

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