Saturday, August 13, 2016

The US Consulate Defies Its Legacy

Found in The United States and Israel by Nadav Safran published in 1963:

And yet today, the Jews resident in Judea and Samaria are discriminated against. Programs, events, activities and grants are prohibited ot Jews simply on the basis of domicile.

Most recent examples:

The consulate promotes this project:

Launched in 2013, STEP supports Palestinian students who have innovative project and research ideas in different fields of applied science, engineering, and technology. The program spreads the culture of science and technology research and innovation through developing capacities and capabilities that enable students to execute unique and original projects, and ultimately enhance their communities’ opportunities in keeping up with the international advancements in science and technology.Applicants to STEP receive a specialized and an intensive training on various topics such as scientific research methodologies and writing professional scientific papers. Furthermore, applicants receive technical and professional support and specialized consultation by Al Nayzak professionals. The first round achieved great success with more than 450 projects submitted by 650 students from various schools in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Only 46 projects by 73 students were qualified to the finals. 

Would Ariel University merit such a grant?

Congratulations to Aqqaba Secondary Girls School in Tuba, the home of the West Banks’s first GREEN SCHOOL! Thanks to a $1.2 million project from USAID West Bank/Gaza, this brand new school features state of the art water recycling systems & the solar panels! Cool, no?

On August 10, it was reported:
Today, a graduation ceremony celebrated the achievements of 78 Palestinian student beneficiaries of the A-PLUS scholarship program, a U.S. Government-funded program implemented through the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and its partner AMIDEAST. This graduation ceremony is part of the multi-year American-Palestinian Local University Scholarship (A-PLUS) program which supports higher education opportunities for financially challenged Palestinian students. The program provides undergraduate scholarships for Palestinian youth to attend colleges and universities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Dorothy Shea, Acting Principal Officer of the American Consulate General in Jerusalem, told the graduates, “The U.S. government has worked to make A-PLUS a reality because this program gives you an opportunity to release your incredible untapped potential.” She added, “The impact of this program lasts far beyond the academic school year and far beyond the lifetime of this project. That’s because this program is not about filling classrooms with students; rather, it is about filling minds with new ideas and skills and possibilities.”
The project targets Palestinian students who are academically talented but who are unable to afford tuition and expenses at local universities and colleges. A-PLUS provides students with scholarships that cover local tuition and fees, books, and transportation costs for the full length of their chosen undergraduate program.
The $1.5 million A-PLUS program began in February, 2010 in response to a 2009 visit by then-Secretary Hillary Clinton, where she expressed a desire to see the U.S. government provide assistance that would enhance Palestinian students’ access to higher education.
Jewish schoolchildren and pupils are not targeted by this project or this Green one.

It's all about "Palestine":

The U.S. Government, through USAID, is the leading provider of bilateral development assistance to the Palestinians, having provided more than $4.9 billion since 1994 for programs in the areas of democracy, governance, education, health, humanitarian assistance, private enterprise, water resources, and infrastructure. Since 2000, USAID has built 3,106 classrooms and renovated 1,255 classrooms. As a result of such activities, 200,000 students study in classrooms built or renovated by USAID.


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