Wednesday, November 09, 2011

British MP is Such A Mensch

Mensch is yiddish for "a truly nice fellow"

a person with whom you would be happy to befriend and associate with, because you feel genuine in a mensch's presence. A mensch is a highly evolved human being...A mensch exudes a certain magnetism that attracts us, whether or not words or glances are exchanged. A person is a mensch because he simply makes others feel good.

But in this story, this Mensch is not quite

Class A drugs caused me long-term mental damage: Tory MP Louise Mensch's candid confession; Author also revealed she loves to dress up for her rock band manager husband but not 'in a Barbie doll way'; Corby MP says taking drugs is a 'natural part of growing up'

Although she describes herself as a 'socially liberal and economically Tory', seems she's just another politician.


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