Saturday, June 12, 2010

And The "That's a Great Idea" Award Goes to...

David Goshen of Kiryat Ono.

His idea?

Obama should be working to organize new proximity talks between...the PA and Hamas.

Here is his JPOst letter:_

It’s the PA and Hamas, stupid

Sir, – Obama’s “new conceptual framework” should be to bring the PA and Hamas urgently to the negotiating table to end hostilities between them so that the long-suffering people of Gaza can start rebuilding their lives (“Obama tells Abbas Gaza situation is ‘unsustainable,’” June 10).

It is not supplies they are short of, but peace from the “unsustainable” situation.

How about some worldwide demonstrations demanding that the two warring sides finally sit down to break the deadlock between them?

Kiryat Ono

I, of course, would expand the framework of these proximity talks to all relations throughout those groups and locations that consider themselves "Palestinian".

Only after these talks end could Israel then approach the negotiation table.

First the internal differences amongst Zionism's negators should be resolved. Questions of refugees, borders, Islam, etc.

Of course, problems could develop.

Remember the end of Enemy of the State?

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