Sunday, April 04, 2010

The 'New' and 'Nonviolent' "Intifada"

Ever since 1988 and Mubarak Awad (and see him in David Bedein's article) [he's still around] there has been buzz about a non-violent intifada.

Here's a 2002 study.

There's this article, "Nonviolent Resistance in the Occupied Territories: A Critical Reevaluation" by Souad Dajani in an academic book. In an article, one critic pointed out that: appears that by nonviolence, Dajani means something fundamentally different from what Gandhi or King might have meant. In perhaps the most succinct definition of the intifada's underlying philosophy, Dajani writes:

Since its inception, the intifada was based on the principle of the non-use of lethal weapons, and on a full escalation of the "campaign of civil disobedience." (p. 63)

Apparently stones are not "lethal weapons," and throwing them at armed soldiers is "nonviolent." Further, Dajani seems to conflate civil disobedience with nonviolence, which may signal a simple logical error. Just because civil disobedience is a technique prominently associated with nonviolence does not mean that all civil disobedience is nonviolent. (What the intifada's own organizers considered "civil disobedience" is not discussed.)

Many Arabs find this idea of non-violence not only silly and self-defeating but down right wrong.

But Salaam Fayyad is described as

a new breed of Palestinian politician...He is a proponent of the so called White Intifada, a non-violent civil protest movement against occupation.

Well, what does it look at on the ground?

Look and see:

Look carefully at that map. Notice all of Israel, without a Green Line, included in the future "Palestine"? Is that "non-violent"?



More "non-violent" actions"-

One Israeli was lightly hurt in a skirmish between Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem and Israeli Jews who came to pray there on Monday.

According to Palestinians sources, the clash broke out after Jewish worshippers who came to pray near the tomb of Shimon Hatzadik pushed and cursed international activists who passed by the area.

One Israeli was lightly hurt by a stone hurled during the altercation.


Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Yehuda Glick is crazy and THESE "people" are normal???????????

Come Mashiach - and quickly, please!

Anonymous said...

Mashiach is Issa (Jesus), you are waiting for the devil !

and what do you except from a people who was expeled from their land, and live a bad poor life ! to send you letters of love and peace ! if i was a palestinian i will kill every single settler, i believe that palestinian are really soft people !

I am morrocan ;) and i have jewish origins

YMedad said...

Actually, they managed to get themselves moved by refusing to compromise, by engaging in violence from 1920 on, by refuting the UN resolution, etc.

Too bad you do not know your history like when did any Arab arrive in the place I call the Land of Israel? Psssst, 638. Way after Jews had established there a monarchy after a tribal Judge regime and afterwards two Temples, etc.