Saturday, January 09, 2010

Another Wonderful Shabbat Chazanut

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, my wife and I spent Shabbat in Tel Aviv and a special Chazzanut performance for his 83rd birthday.

The davening was at the Ramah Synagogue (which is behind Ben Yehudah Street, just north of Arlosoroff St.), Rav Yehuda Landau's schule.

The chazzanim were Yaakov Lemmer and Moshe Schulhof. Excellent. Mordechai Sobol's son shared with his father the conducting of an eleven-man choir in addition and some of the tunes were quite lively lending an enjoyable atmosphere to what some people presume is too dreary an occasion.

The hotel was comfy. Food: excellent.

Pics of views from the window:

And on a walk, we spotted a bit of communism, at the Chinese Embassy:

and Serugim is coming back for its second season:

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Batya said...

The food was good and we didn't have to wash the dishes, nor cook. Oops, that's not really true, since I sent food to #2 along with my father.