Sunday, October 11, 2009

There Was No J Street Then?

From an item in The Jewish Chronicle:

Revealed: MI5's Jewish terrorism fear

MI5 for many years avoided recruiting Jews as spies out of concern about their potential loyalty to Israel, according to a new book published this week. Its policy stemmed from the years of Israel’s struggle for independence when the security services feared terrorist attacks on Britain by militant Zionist groups.

The revelation comes in The Defence of the Realm, an authorised history of M15 based on its archives, by Chistopher Andrew.

...Prof Andrew writes: “The Security Service believed that, as a result of its penetration of the Jewish organisations in London and other intelligence sources, ‘only one out of 30 ships carrying illegal immigrants reached their

I wonder who is helping Obama's administration now.

And parenthetically:-

Elsewhere in the book Prof Andrew records how the notorious double-agent Kim Philby, the first of the Cambridge Five, was recruited for the KGB by Arnold Deutsch, a Jewish Communist from central Europe who was studying in London and who was a cousin of Odeon cinema founder, Oscar Deutsch.

Many years later, Philby’s treachery was exposed after Flora Solomon, a Wizo activist, told Victor Rothschild, in a conversation at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, that Philby had tried to recruit her for the KGB.

I'm glad WIZO was good for something.



Actually, there was a J Street. Judah Magnes. He went to Washington in April 1948, in early May met with Marshall and then Truman and tried to get them to force a truce and even cut off the Hagana's arms shipments!

See page 493 in this book. (And see on p. 496 his use of "darkie" for Negro).

And p. 186 of this book.

Here's some background.

And on Einstein.

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