Friday, August 07, 2009

Women to Sacrifice Their Beauty for "Palestinians"

Jonathan Tobin sent me here and he wrote:

The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reports today that Sex and the City star Kirstin Davis has been eased out of a spokeswoman role at Oxfam International because the so-called human-rights organization is shocked to learn that Davis endorses Israel’s Ahava cosmetics line of Dead Sea products.

You see, the oh-so-principled good deed–doers at Oxfam believe that all right-thinking people should be boycotting one of the most famous products of Israel...

However, this little controversy shows just how false the portrayal of all the West Bank as “Occupied Palestine” really is. The Dead Sea shoreline was largely empty before the Jews returned to the area in the 20th century. No Palestinian Arabs were displaced to make way for Israelis there. The development of this industry and the use of the natural resources of the area were pioneered by the Jews, not the Arabs. What Oxfam and its leftist allies are trying to do is wage economic war on Israel...

Ahava really should go the route of an aggressive ad campaign centered on the theme:

Arabs Hate Israelis Enough to Become Suicide Bombers
Don't You Sacrifice Your Beauty
Buy Ahava


Unknown said...

In 1914 the Palestine population was 689,775, 100% were Palestinian (Muslim, Christian and Jews) In 1948 the number has raised to 2,065,000 and in spit of the fact that this land was called Palestine till that time by all international community, the number of Jews has been raised by percentage to reach 31.5% due to the illegal immigration of the Zionist gangs from EU and USA.
Some people are trying to promote the idea that Palestine land was empty when Jews came over, and that’s why the UK Government at that time decided to give an occupied land to a new occupation power ... Does this sound weird just for me!!
Till now Israel is occupying the whole land historical Palestine and parts of West Bank, and they keep building new settlements on there and producing products from these occupied areas just like the Dead Sea products.
When you buy such a products all your money goes directly to the Israeli War Machine, which continuously killing innocent people on their own occupied land ...
Do the right thing … Boycott Israeli Products ...
Thank you Oxfam

YMedad said...

The "whole of Palestine" we're occupying? What about TransJordan, who is occupying that? And what about Bashir up in Damascus, doesn't he want to occupy all of what was "Palestine" as well as Lebanon?

Btw, why did you Arabs reject the partition in 1937, again in 1939, and again in 1948? And then set up the PLO in 1964 to obliterate Israel. Now you have nothing. Tsk, tsk.

whitsyl said...

Well Hhalid, I agree that the arabs are in a big trouble now, but it seems that they were looking for it, as YMedad said.
Why don't you accept the Israeli proposals, again and again? You want the whole?
And why do you start the History in 1914? Do you deny the Jewish rights in this land?
And what about Muslim inmigration from Sudan, Iraq, Egypt before and after 1914? Are you sure that 100% were Palestinian? Whom you call 100% Palestinians, only Muslim children, or also Jewish ones?
You must explain yourself.