Friday, August 07, 2009

J Street's Jeremy Ben-Ami Threatens A "Throttled" Peace

Jeremy Ben-Ami, son of my friend and former employer as a reseacher on his autobiography, the late Yitshaq Ben-Ami, "Mike", heads that way far-off progressive semi-anti-Israel J Street organization that serves as the fawning "Jewish" support for the Obama Administration's Israel policies (although some presume they actually aid in fashioning them).

Anyway, seems he wants to throttle either peace or Israel.

He wrote to Abe Foxman, a former member of Betar, who heads ADL:

A full-throttle effort to reach an end to the conflict that resolves all disputes has overwhelming support from Jewish Americans and from the majority of all Americans.

I, for one, and I would guess many other Israelis, would not react pleasantly to a throttling.

Can I suggest he get a better hand on his mouth - and get his foot out?

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