Friday, May 01, 2009

The NYTimes New Term: Development

Found the following here:

The Palestinian population of East Jerusalem, which stood at about 66,000 in 1967, is now about 250,000. In addition, more than 195,000 Israelis live in Jewish developments — referred to as “neighborhoods” by the Israelis and as “settlements” by the United Nations — in East Jerusalem.

Two comments:

1. That Arab population growth is more based on Arabs from outside Jerusalem - from Judea (Hebron; Bethlehem), Samaria (Ramallah; Bir Zeit) and the Galilee (Nazareth) immigrated in.

2. Actually, the Jewish population is more than 200,000.

3. Funny, but what's a "development"? A neighborhood it surely is and the Pals. refer to them as "settlements" but what's a "development"?

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