Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jews Don't Like Jews

A new movie out:

IN the world of “Knocked Up,” the latest big-ticket comedy to take on American mating rituals, the formula is basically thus: Girl meets schlub. Schlub nails girl. Girl hangs around to discover schlub’s inner mensch.

However unlikely a premise, this territory has already been staked out and explored, with considerable success, in television shows like “According to Jim” and movies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” the runaway hit of two summers ago, with a virgin nerd (Steve Carell) in place of the schlub. But “Knocked Up,” whose main promotional image is a close-up of Seth Rogen as the pudgy, pot-smoking, porn-addled, job-free hero of the tale, Ben, may well take its celebration of American schlubitude (loserdom? schlemieliness?) to a new level.

In the film he wins the carnal attentions, then seeks the romantic ones, of Alison (Katherine Heigl), a statuesque, blond-haired, career-oriented entertainment journalist who is carrying the fruit of their drunken one-night stand.

And Ben’s not the only schlub in the picture, which opens on June 1. He lives in an apartment surrounded by fellow losers who spend their days in pajamas trolling movies for the dirty parts, which they tabulate for an eventual Web site. Their world — a stark women-are-from-Venus, geeks-are-from-Mars zone — has precious few women in it, and almost none who could qualify as friends with whom they might, say, share conversation, or even a video game.

Amazing how much some Jews find it funny to make fun of Jews (well, as long as other Jews pay to see their product, I guess there's a logic there).

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